Plumbing Express can access a wide array of quality laundry tubs and taps. Regardless of your needs or the size of your laundry room we can provide you with solutions for every budget. We understand the laundry sink really isn't a touch that many people showcase but we have many quality laundry tubs that you will get the job done and look good as well. 

We have many luxurious designs as well as some budget conscious options that you can use to provide you with reliable service for years to come. The best part about our laundry sinks is that they are all built to last and the process for installing each of these products is relatively simple.

The laundry sinks and tubs that we have can fit into nearly any space. If you need a laundry sink to fit into a small apartment or crawlspace, we can provide you with some solutions for your laundry room that is good value.

At Plumbing Express we can also provide you with quality advice on every product we have available as well as the installation process. We are a team of master plumbers and as a result we have extensive experience with installing sinks as well as laundry related products. By contacting us directly we can provide you with the professional advice that you need to save money and prepare accordingly for the installation process.

We can also provide you with master plumbers who can come in and handle the entire installation process as well as the removal of your old laundry sink to reduce hassles for you.

With the help of Plumbing Express you can save money on the price of the laundry sink, on the price of installation and more.

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